The hand is the most complex part of the human body – and also the hardest to protect. The hand contains the highest number of bones, joints, ligaments, and nerve endings in such a limited space. If you try not using your hand, even just for an hour, you soon realize how important it is in daily life. A hand injury can prove to be a serious disadvantage in motorbiking, including professionally. Would you be able to continue your activity with an injured, immobilized hand?

Five RFX4 Airflow


The RFX4 is made for riders looking for a sport look in a multipurpose glove....

Five Stunt EVO Leather Air


Glove design created by FIVE, often copied but never equalled, the STUNT is considered, and...

Five Arizona


The ARIZONA is a 100% full-grain leather glove with a distinct personality, beautifully combining quilted...

Five Stunt EVO Airflow


The concept invented by FIVE��� Reinvented��� and fully vented! A ventilated version of the STUNT...

Five RFX1


Straight out of top-level competitive riding. Racing glove designed for the racetrack and sports. The...